W&J College Campus Access Survey

    Given that the campus will remain open, it is important for us to know your intent to stay on campus so we can arrange for appropriate services and ensure safety. All residential students need to indicate whether they plan to stay on campus during this time. We know that some of you will not be able to return home, you might feel safer at W&J, or you are a student athlete. Please complete this form by Monday, March 16 at noon and explain why you need to stay on campus if you are a residential student. It is required that all students must complete the online instruction survey questions.

    Your online response will ensure that we are able to provide swipe access to your residential hall. The residence halls will remain open. There will be dining options for those that need to remain on campus.

    It is your decision whether or not you remain on campus during W&J's remote instruction period. We advise you to take the action you consider most responsible and appropriate for yourself. Please email questions@washjeff.edu if you have questions or concerns.

    We are requesting that all W&J students complete this survey. 

    Registration is no longer available.